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Coming December, 2014

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Railgun Express is a twin stick shooter with a twist. Instead of controlling your movement and a gun you have no control over movement and TWO guns! Independently control two turrets and mix and match weapons to find the combination that works best for you, or adapt your weapon choices to fit the situation. Roll down the track and leave destruction in your wake, blasting supply lines open for the resistance fighters who hold your loyalty.


Railgun Express started as one guy goofing off with XNA. After sufficient goofing off he realized he might be on to something, so he surrounded himself by people way more talented than himself to build an awesome game. As everyone on the team has full time priorities development has been slow, as team members only work about 15 hours per month on the game, but none the less progress has been made and we're now ready to reveal a peek of the game to the world.


  • Fast paced twin stick shooting action.
  • Mix and match weapon system that allows for customization based on the situation.
  • Original soundtrack by the awesome Drew Van Camp
  • Fancy lighting. No really, it's like proper Victorian fancy.


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About All Messed Up Games

All Messed Up Games is a small indie game studio based out of Lexington, Kentucky. When not riding horses barefoot through the countryside while eating fried chicken and drinking bourbon, we do our best to make fun, quality games.

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Railgun Express Credits

Randy Napier
Lead Developer

Drew Van Camp
Music and SFX Engineer

Michael Derenge

Gavin Folgert

Cheryl Robbins

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